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15 Shocking Numbers That Will Get You To Pay Attention To What ISIS Is Doing In Iraq

"They make Al-Queda look like a wannabe jihadist group..."


Over the past several months, the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, has been expanding its territory with brutal tactics in Syria and Iraq.

The Islamic state has been seen carrying out mass executions, placing severed heads on pikes, viciously ordering mass conversions of Christians and subsequently leading to evacuations. Now they have sparked President Obama into issuing authorized airstrikes.

Listed below is a list of numbers that will shock you.

From Huffington Post:


The number of square miles thought to be in control of the Islamic State. It is a stretch between Syria and Iraq that is roughly the size of Belgium. Other estimates suggest the real number is closer to 35,000 square miles.


The number of people killed in Iraq in June according to government figures. Figures show that of the 1,922, 1,393 were civilians, 380 were soldiers, and 149 were police. Another 2,610 people were wounded.

30,000 – 50,000

The number of militants now fighting for the Islamic state, according to a recent estimate by Dr. Hisham al-Hawshimi, an expert on the group.


The number of nations where the Islamic State has engaged in fighting. Terrorists have attacked soldiers in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.


The approximate value of the Islamic State’s cash and assets, according to estimates from terrorism experts. In June, Islamic fighters captured the city of Musul, looting hundreds of millions of dollars from banks and more from Iraqi military assets.


The estimated daily revenue of the Islamic State from its oil and gas resources alone. The militants have taken over oil and gas fields across Iraq and Syria. “It now controls a volume of resources and territory unmatched in the history of extremist organizations,” wrote defense expert Janine Davidson of the Council on Foreign Relations. She went on to note that if they continue this pattern, they will be able to exert the same force “far beyond the immediate area.”


The number of high-profile jailbreaks carried out by the Islamic State, which led to the freeing of 1,500 insurgents–likely including leaders, bomb-makers, and other militants, according to reports.


The number of Christians thought to be left in the city of Mosul, where practicing Christianity now is punishable by death.

Up to 40,000

The number of civilians initially estimated to have been trapped on Mount Sinjar last week. At least 20,000 were reportedly rescued over the weekend by Kurdish rebels; the remaining are still trapped.

At Least 500

The number of Yazidis killed so far by Islamic fighters in northern Iraq. The militants buried some of the Yazidis alive, while others were killed in a mass execution.

At Least 300

The number of Yazidi women taken as slaves, according to human rights minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani. Sudani said there are concerns that many victims will be moved outside the country, making it harder to rescue them.


The expected number of civilians to die should the Mosul dam in Iraq stop working, according to a 2011 report in Water Power magazine. Just last week, The Islamic State reportedly seized the dam, which feeds power and water to Mosul. It is unclear what they intend to do with it, but doing nothing with it can be just as detrimental.


The amount of water (in feet) that would rip towards Mosul should the Islamic State destroy the Mosul dam, according to a 2007 letter from the U.S. generals.


The estimated population of Erbil, the capitol of Iraqi Kurdistan. The number takes into account an unknown number of foreign workers, some of whom are American military personnel who were dispatched to help with resistance against the Islamic State. Last week, American warplanes launched airstrikes to help the Kurds.


The number of towns reclaimed by Kurdish forces on Sunday after U.S. airstrikes were used to protect the area from the Islamic militants.”


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