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11. Black pastors in America are still on the plantation…they keep their people slaves.  They support their racist brothers and blame race rather than morality for the condition of their people. Black men don’t father their children, nor marry their “baby mommas.” Pastors blame the white man rather than rescue their sheep.  They support the government as a surrogate father.  The pastors are black first and Christian second. Government is a poor god.  It enslaves people to handouts.

12. This may be hard for you to believe; but the battle in America is not black/white, Republican/Democrat, rich/poor, or conservative/progressive.  The battle has never changed.  It is good versus evil.  Right versus wrong. Donald Sterling is gone.  How will that help poor black kids?

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13. Hear me Christian…black and white…Jehovah is our Father.  The barkers want you to forget that. “Divide and conquer” is the oldest trick in the book. They must keep stirring the pot of racism if they are going to control us.  They fear the power of Christians united under God’s banner.  Yahweh has no skin color. Some folks race to heaven, and some race for hell.  That’s the real racism…not skin color.

Stop it already. Stop listening to the race-barkers. Stop agreeing with the pundits. The Truth has no color or political ideology.  God-fearing people must stand together.

I  have a plan.  I’ll write about it next week.


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