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5. How would you like for your private thoughts to be made public. I wonder if any of the players on the Clippers ever said anything about the “white Jew” who owned the team. Do you suppose Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson have ever said anything derogatory about white guys?   Taping a private conversation in California is a crime. Why does that not bother the NBA?  Wouldn’t you love to hear some of the private conversations of Sharpton and Jackson?  What would be the cry if a black leader’s calls were taped?  (All together now) RACISM!  Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are OPEN racists, while 80 year old white-Jew Donald Sterling’s utterance’s were private.  Which is worse?  Somebody go ask Juan Williams.

6. Some thoughts on Clippers owner Donald Sterling: he was banished by the NBA, without a trial, for what he believed. He has dumped millions of dollars into the bank accounts of pampered black men. His head coach is black; 13 of his players are black.  Two of his black players are listed in the top twenty-five salaries in the NBA. The Clippers have the the 6th highest payroll in the NBA (slave wages for slave labor, I guess.) Sterling has done more for the economics of black men than the NAACP ever has. But he said “bad” things.  This is dangerous territory we are heading into…

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7. Except for sports stars, who are held up as role models for young black Americans?  Do the race-barkers talk about the negative influence of the “gangsta” culture and the fact that 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock? Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Puff-Daddy, Beyonce, and Hollywood have destroyed the morality of our black youth. Detroit public schools are 95% black, and only 8% can functionally read. Is that Donald Sterling’s fault?  “Bitches, Ho’s, and Nigga” is not the white man’s language.  I wonder if the Detroit Piston players (12 of 15 are black) send their kids to Detroit’s public schools…

8. White folks are not to blame.  We didn’t hold you down. Have you noticed how willing the media is to run with this white-man-racist stereotype?  Is that by accident?  If George Zimmerman is a “white-hispanic,” isn’t Obama a “white-negro?” Wake up and think, Dude.

9. Did you want to vomit when your watched multi-millionaire black men from the NBA whine about racism?  I wonder if any of the black NBA stars live in all-black neighborhoods; or has their money made it possible for them to flee to gated communities out in the richest of suburbs?   Does Rev. Al live in the hood?  He owes the government $2 million in back taxes. Why hasn’t the government gone after him?  It seems to me that Cliven Bundy and his black cows are treated differently than the good Rev.

Perhaps the NBA needs an Underground Railroad to rescue the slaves from the slave owners.

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10. “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell (never heard of him?) killed hundreds of pre-born black babies.  He is the most prolific murderer of black children in American history.  He is black. Donald Sterling only spoke about blacks. Kermit Gosnell actually killed them.  Has Sharpton picketed Gosnell’s office?  Has he covered Gosnell on MSNBC? No Justice No Peace, eh Al?  Check this out.

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