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10 Things We Can Do To Save America



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We were, and still SHOULD BE, the strongest nation on Earth, financially, militarily, and morally. The reason we are not is that our “leadership” has squandered our financial and military strength through frivolous spending and the implementation and support of a host of nonsensical, totally unsupportable, “feel good” programs. Obama phones come quickly and easily to mind. On the moral side, Christianity is now “out-of-style” and under attack, but Islam is “in.” Why is that? The USA was founded as a Christian nation on Christian principles, and references to God and Christianity appear everywhere in our founding documents. Who changed the rules when we weren’t looking? I have a hard time believing that a majority of Democrats —or all Americans for that matter— have abandoned Christianity for radical Islam (or no religion at all), but that increasingly seems to be the case.

Stacking the political deck by allowing law-breakers (illegal immigrants) unfettered access to our social programs, and granting them citizenship without regard for existing immigration policies, is criminal on its face. But this administration and our “Congress-persons for life” have demonstrated their penchant for supporting anything that might possibly get them reelected, the country and their constituents be damned. By some reports, 70% of us want our borders secured (read: sealed), but our so-called “leaders” seem hellbent on granting a reported 11 million illegals amnesty, apparently believing these “instant citizens” will vote for their reelection. Not surprisingly, the real number of illegals now in the country is likely in excess of 30 million, probably enough to guarantee that there will never again be a conservative majority in Congress should they vote the “free-stuff ticket.”

In order for the following reality-based, common sense ideas to be effective, a national identity card system (NID) would be required. We are already required to have —and produce when requested by proper authority— Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licenses, Voter IDs, Gun Permits, Vehicle License & Registrations, Welfare IDs, Business FEINs, Business Licenses, Military IDs, and a host of other numbers or cards, so what’s one more? For that matter, why not combine some or all of them? In conjunction with the suggestions below, such would certainly solve the problem of identifying illegal immigrants, for instance. As everyone would be required to have such a card, cries of “racial profiling” would be mootat. As Barry Soetoro says, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” Do tell, Barry, where are YOUR records?

A NID could contain virtually all of our already required personal information. Other information, such as immigration and welfare status, could be added. Of course, any of that could also be subtracted if citizens objected. And there would obviously have to be a national referendum on this matter, but here are a few things that could be easily, or not so easily, implemented:

1. Cut off ALL foreign aid. The debt crisis —or a great portion of it— would immediately disappear. The peoples of the nations who receive it hate us and want to kill us, so why send them money? The money could be put to use helping US citizens and solving some of our problems. Make them trade for aid, except in extreme cases such as natural disasters.
2. Cut off ALL welfare programs. Set-up one central aid program with stringently enforced eligibility rules. For example: a) Drug screening before eligibility. b) Require all applicants to prove they are actively and regularly seeking employment. c) Other requirements as necessary to prevent fraud or misuse. An NID could prevent persons from drawing multiple checks, or scam artists from receiving/negotiating dead persons’ benefits.
3. SEAL our borders—PERIOD. Those without proper documentation don’t get in.
4. Screen ALL immigrants for criminal backgrounds. If they are criminals, deport them to their countries of origin. Those remaining could then be considered for citizenship after graduating from a program that includes lessons on our history, learning our language, and demonstrating a willingness to assimilate into our society. They fled a political/economic system that did not allow them opportunity or freedom;and we don’t need, or want, the system they left. We are first, last, and foremost Americans; and this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Like it, or leave.
5. Deport ALL non-citizen inmates of our jails and prisons to their countries of origin, no exceptions; and bill the care, feeding, housing, transportation, and administrative costs for these illegal immigrants to the countries from which they came, as well as the border countries that allowed them to travel through in order to violate our borders. No trade or aid from us until said bills are paid in full.

Other things that would go a long way towards straightening out the mess our “leaders” have made are:

1. Defund and dismantle the IRS. It’s long past time for a simplified tax code such as the “fair” or “flat” tax, instead of the current 73,954 page boondoggle written by lawyers for lawyers. Such an action would cause the mass unemployment of IRS employees, accountants, lawyers, and others (and that would need to be addressed.) But for once, Americans could simply and easily understand and meet their tax obligation without hassle, fear, or great expense. The current system is an unnecessary financial burden on the country and the taxpayer. Those thrown out of work could seek other employment just like the rest of us.
2. Defund and dismantle the Department of Education. It has accomplished little but the creation of overburdening and ridiculous regulations and the employment of thousands of do-nothing administrators. Education in this country is increasingly failing. Let’s fire the deadwood and put teachers back in charge of our classrooms, not “educators” and indoctrinators. Our children, and the country, deserve better.
3. Defund and dismantle the Department of Agriculture. It’s nothing but a “job farm” for the greedy and incompetent. What has it actually accomplished save price supports and paying farmers not to produce?
4. Defund and dismantle the Department of Energy (perhaps the least useful of our “departments.”) Lots of chit-chat, lots of big salaries for administrators, yet we are in big trouble regarding energy production.
5. Withdraw from the so-called “United Nations.” There’s nothing “united” about it, and it is an enormous drain on our tax dollars. Most of the member nations are in arrears on their “dues”; guess who picks up the tab? The UN is little more than an international forum for America haters, and arguably the least productive, most expensive organization in the world. Most member nation representatives are little more than politically appointed spendthrifts, immune to our laws (diplomatic immunity); and they spend their time opposing everything US. Throw them all out, and have them take the building with them.

This would be a good start. Need I mention cleaning out our do-nothing-but-talk-and-appoint-committees Congress?

Photo credit: formatted_dad (Creative Commons)

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