“He really didn’t mean it;” America’s Jews back Obama’s Marxism over Israel’s survival


Barack Obama between flags SC

When Barack Hussein Obama suggested a suicidal return to pre- 1967 borders as the way to lasting peace for Israel the politically uninitiated assumed America’s Jews would turn on him and withdraw their support for his re-election. This silliness lasted for a few weeks until prominent elected Jewish Democrats visited Jewish old age homes and other meeting places to reassure them they had not really heard what they heard and saw.

Rahm Emanuel,one of Obama’s favorite “Jewish policemen”,was called in to do damage control and actually said,“That statement [Obama’s 1967 border remark]does not mean a return to 1967 borders.” The great Groucho Marx line,“Who are you going to believe;me or your lyin’ eyes?” comes to mind.

Gallup certifies what we knew was coming

Now that several months have passed since Obama told Bibi Netanyahu that Israel’s suicide would be his best course of action,the few American Jews (overwhelmingly registered Democrats) who expressed some measurable disapproval of Obama have wiped the spittle from their eyes and returned to the Democrat plantation.

Gallup’s most recent poll tells us the “great escape” of Jews from Obama’s trance is over. The survey found the level of support versus disapproval of Obama among American Jews is statistically the same today as it was in March.

Just before Obama’s “suggestion”,American Jews supported Obama 61/34. After some sagging in Jews’ support for his re-election all is forgiven. Today that same measure is 60/32 in favor of Barack Obama’s re-election despite of the fact that he has expressed more unabashed hostility toward Israel than any other president in American history.

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