‘Sunday Night Football’ dumps Olbermann


It was always an odd-couple pairing, spurred more by corporate synergy over common sense, and now it’s over: Keith Olbermann is being pulled from NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”

Sources say the left-wing pundit’s bosses at MSNBC are behind the decision, that Olbermann missed some Friday night tapings of “Countdown” due his football show duties. With midterm elections around the corner, they wanted his full attention.

NBC assures that Olbermann’s politics weren’t to blame but, really, is putting a divisive figure like Olbermann onto “Sunday Night Football” ever a good idea? Any more than, say, having Dennis Miller on “Monday Night Football”?
Yes, at least Olbermann had sports coverage experience, but once you’ve decided you’re now a cable news network political ideologue, you’re pretty much guaranteed to annoy a large faction of a general entertainment show’s audience.

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