‘Battle Los Angeles’ #1 Overseas: Will Hollywood Still Tell Us Pro-American Hurts Foreign Box Office?


In order to not make the pro-American films that so offend them, Leftist Hollywood lies and tells us pro-America doesn’t sell at what we’re told is the increasingly important foreign box office. And the hopelessly butt-boy entertainment media is always ready to help spread that lie. We knew that was a lie last year and now this year the single BIGGEST weekend for foreign grosses was captured by the openly pro-American, pro-U.S. Military Battle: Los Angeles.

In just 12 days, Battle: LA’s foreign take is $52 million — and this is a big-budget action film with no stars. However, during its entire run, the stridently anti-American “Green Zone” cleared only $59 million overseas, another big-budget action film, but this time with a big star and director. Wonder how Matt Damon likes them apples?

Oh, and congratulations to the new Narnia film for exceeding $300 million overseas, for a total take thus far of over $400 million worldwide. I guess in a world with a billion Christians Christianity does sell. Who knew?

THR:Battle: L.A.’s overseas gross accumulated over a dozen days stands at $51.9 million. The latest weekend gross is the highest of any No. 1 weekend tally recorded this year on the foreign circuit.

Meanwhile, Fox’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader passed the $300 million mark overseas, and Black Swan breached the $175 million barrier.

Maybe Leftist Hollywood’s going to tell us that America sells overseas today because Obama’s president – he’s not Bush and our overseas neighbors like him more because he closed Gitmo, oh wait; because he ended indefinite detentions, oh wait; because without Congressional approval he would never attack a Middle Eastern, oil-producing nation that wasn’t a threat to us, oh wait; because he wouldn’t fight a war of choice, oh wait; because… because… because…

Anyway, the next time some executive tries to tell you “America” doesn’t sell overseas, the response is an easier one than trying to remember all of this. Simply point them here and here. Then remind them that we saw what happened to Superman when Bryan Singer intentionally stripped him of his Americanism (and masculinity).

Now it’s time to wonder how the decision to tone down all that offensive America stuff in Captain America is settling in over at Marvel today.

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